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Meeting an Adolescent with the Extra Lesson

By Connie Helms, M.Ed

Joe came to my office accompanied by his mother shortly before his fourteenth birthday for an Extra Lesson assessment. Almost immediately after shaking my extended hand, he sighted a large green physioball and sat down on it. Rather than waiting for a cue on where to go, he zeroed in on the thing that unconsciously he knew he needed to address—his balance issues. My observations from the first half minute already told me volumes about Joe’s needs, and I thought he would be well-suited to the Extra Lesson work.

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Awakening the Senses Through Therapeutic Horseback Riding

By Connie Helms, M.Ed

In the last days of summer I had the pleasure of experiencing a Therapeutic Horseback Riding lesson with Deborah Pearson-Moyers, who owns Blues Skies of Maple View stables near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Deborah is an enthusiastic woman who has raised four children in the Emerson Waldorf School community and whose husband teaches at the school. In addition to offering camps, riding lessons, and “Intuitive Women’s Riding,” Deborah has worked with children on the autism spectrum. In order for me to gain an understanding of what this experience is like for a child, I had to get on a horse (Audrey McAllen tells us to get on our horse after all). But before I could actually get ON the horse, I had to go through a whole series of tasks that prepared me for riding and which flooded my senses and kept me alert.
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