“You have helped me so much in the last few years …from learning cursive to teaching me the times tables.” boy, age 12, South Burlington, VT

“Thank you for your gentle guidance and support. I’m glad our family found you. We love your approach and skill.” Charlotte, VT

“Today (our six year old) demonstrated to us how he could climb up the rope hanging from our beam in the living room ! This is the rope that you had suggested purchasing when we first started working with you- it has been used in many ways.  A few months ago he could barely lift himself up to swing off the rope- you can imagine our delight when we saw him climb to the top !!  I have been so impressed with your work that I would love to take some business cards to the pediatrician’s office. Thank you for all of the wonderful work that you have done.  I know that (he) has really enjoyed his visits with you!”                                                                                       Richmond, VT

 “We have been using the hot water bottle and having fun making what the kids call pig piles, where we pile up on each other. They both love being squished.”  Hinesburg, VT

“I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with Connie.  Her work is based in possibility, potential, and growth. The assessment and subsequent work our family did with her helped us to make connections and to see things in a different light. Through our work together, I was able to learn some things I could do differently to help our daughter to more fully experience and express herself. Connie’s calm and gentle yet clear and focused style of communicating is remarkable. She has a great deal of experience and expertise and we are fortunate that she shares her passion for her work with people in her practice and through her efforts to educate other professionals in the field of education.”
Mother of 12 year old girl, central Vermont

“First, our daughter’s coordination improved, but even more interesting was that she had subtle changes in her attitude. She seemed to have a more open mind after working with Connie.”
Father of same 12 year old girl, central Vermont

“Connie Helms has been working with our son for three years.  When our son began, his handwriting was illegible. Now, it is much better AND he has a love of creative writing and poetry. He had no interest in drawing, and when he did draw, it was very difficult to figure out what the picture was.  His drawings have improved a lot, and his work with Connie with form drawings and geometry have helped this issue immensely.  He could not jump rope, and now he can jump over 60 consecutively. His lack of attentiveness is much improved, as is his impulsiveness.  He is a different child.  Overall, he has made great, very noticeable, strides while working with her. She is a wonderful and caring person as well. Our son has learned to follow the guidance and rules that she has, and has much improved in this regard too. He has also learned many chants, rhymes and clapping rhythms. I am amazed at how these seemingly simple therapy activities translate into continued success for him.  He is much more “inside” of his own body now, and has more spatial awareness.  He continues to improve, and I have highly recommended Connie to many other families.  When people ask what she does, it is difficult to explain, but someone I know described it recently as a kind of “Waldorf-based” occupational therapy.  What she does is pure magic, and she has helped many children and families.  I highly, highly recommend her!”
South Burlington, VT

“My daughter (age 10) excels in many areas of her life; however, I felt that something was missing or holding her back. After 12 sessions with Connie, she is more grounded and integrated in her body which gives her a solid, consistent presence. She is also expressing her feelings and opinions more articulately and with greater confidence. This is great work!”
South Burlington, VT

“Prior to the fall of 2011, I researched how to memorize a long document most effectively, then spent 10 months at the task. But due to childhood trauma, the time devoted to memorizing dragged up many painful memories. After working with Connie for 12 sessions, my nervous system relaxed. Feeling calmer, more balanced and more confident, I was able to incorporate new ways of memorizing that embraced my whole being and I enjoyed the process! Learning never has to end, even at 45 years old! Thank you Connie!”
Female, age 45

IMG_2567_2“Connie Helms worked with my teenage son for two years. During that time my son’s overall coordination improved dramatically. My son was diagnosed with a learning disability in 2nd grade and had been subjected to all sorts of therapies and interventions and was understandably resistant to more after experiencing little success. Nonetheless, Connie was able to break through his teenage resistance and attitude, partly through her style and partly because my son experienced improvements in his areas of difficulty within a few weeks.”
Shelburne, VT

“My husband and I attended a talk you gave at a Waldorf school and were fascinated about your work. My son is 4 yrs old, had a very difficult and prolonged birth (3 hours of active labor, emergency C-section) and has demonstrated many behaviors that seem to be associated with mild Sensory Integration Disorder.  It has taken me 4 years to finally put these pieces together and your talk was instrumental in identifying that there may be an underlying problem.”

“Connie truly connected with our daughter, making her feel safe and free to explore her physical and mental abilities. Connie patiently showed our daughter exercises and games to help improve her fine and gross motor skills. We are forever grateful to have worked with Connie.”

Burlington, VT

“Through my son’s work with Connie, he went from being unable to read or spell in second grade to being proficient in reading, writing, and spelling in fourth grade. Connie brought an integrated approach to learning that appealed to body, heart, and mind and broke through his resistance (which can manifest as control issues). He now writes well in cursive and is proud that he can read popular chapter books with ease, which were his goals.”
Hinesburg, VT

“I have had much contact with Connie Helms regarding my eldest son who has some neurodevelopmental issues resulting from metal toxicity and my middle son who had a strong vaccine reaction and was subsequently labeled autistic. Through her validation of our concerns and her guidance towards natural medicine, we were able to lead our middle son through a path of complete recovery. I will forever be indebted to her for sharing her talents and gifts with my family.”
Charlotte, VT

“My son was diagnosed with orthographical dyslexia in first grade. After years of struggling and trying everything that was suggested, he was not making much progress. When we moved him to the Lake Champlain Waldorf School at the beginning of third grade, Connie Helms did a movement assessment and recommended movement therapy plus Craniosacral work to help address his learning challenges. We entered this new venture with an open mind and quickly saw our son make progress in his writing and reading skills. The progress was concrete, and I could not deny that the result was due to the help he received.”
Burlington, VT