Jump Ropes


Jump ropes crafted by master furniture maker Dale Helms.

Beautifully crafted durable hardwood handles that are smooth to the touch.  Specify light or dark handles and blue or red rope. Up to 5’2″ use the shorter length ( around 7.5′) and taller than 5’2″ use longer length (around 9′). Crossovers and jumping backwards require the longer rope. These ropes are for individuals jumping rope on their own; they are an asset to an Extra Lesson program in Waldorf schools and private practice, but they also make a nice gift for a child mastering the art of jumping rope. The rope may be pulled through the handle end and knotted to shorten it. Made in Vermont, from New England hardwoods.

Shorter length  $38 plus $7 shipping.
Longer length  $40 plus $7 shipping.

Please inquire to conniehelms@gmavt.net