jumpropingDyslexia, ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Learning Disability, Dyspraxia …

Children with these labels may be unable to progress socially and academically because they have not completed the neurodevelopmental stages of the first seven years of life.  When these earlier stages of development are incomplete, higher learning is inhibited. At the office located in Williston, Vermont, a holistic and educational approach known as the Extra Lesson strengthens the foundation levels of the central nervous system, allowing children and adults to make lasting gains and feel more integrated in body and mind. The Extra Lesson work is suitable for ages 6 through adults of all ages as focus, executive function skills and brain/body integration issues can be addressed at any age. Common gains include:

  • Increased automaticity in Reading fluency
  • Increased proficiency in Math skills
  • More legible handwriting
  • Greater flow and ease in written expression 
  • Strengthened foundations for learning
  • Better organization of Executive Function Skills
  • A more positive change in behavior and social skills
  • Enhanced coordination, balance & spatial orientation which are the foundation for most tasks 

“Connie’s work with my teenage daughter not only improved her handwriting, but also helped her to be more centered in herself and to connect with others. Connie was also available for consultation with her IEP team.” New Haven, VT